Between Day and Night

I have seen things. I have seen things that are unexplainable. I have experienced things that are unexplainable (to me). I am not looking to titillate. I am not trying to exaggerate or advertise something. I have seen and experienced things that suggest something other-worldly. Of course, at this point some will stop reading. Goodbye. I do not need to self-promote or try to win anyone over with a ghost tale. That is not this. I wish I could have orchestrated my childhood differently.

My mother was a self-proclaimed witch (I just lost a few more readers). She held seances and read tarot cards. My sisters and I laughed about crazy mom doing crazy things. But we… well, I saw things.

Later in life I got caught up in a cult of sorts. It was a respectable cult by neighborhood standards. I believe it was a cult in the mentality that it generated among some (not all) of its worshippers. We were pushed to achieve something with our time here on earth – not a bad concept per se. I put myself out there and followed a prescribed mindset that came to me from others — sincere others that believed certain aspects of behavior were good and certain aspects of behavior were evil. I am not arguing with that belief, and I will not go into details on that, or issues of judgement, but I will continue to focus on this – I have seen and experienced things.

My oldest sister is probably one of the more stable people that I have ever known. She was in a profession for decades that demanded stability. Lives depended on her stability and her judgement. She did not fail. As a teen she experienced things that freaked her out. She told me about them and I shot verbal doubt arrows into everything she said, while I covered up the goosebumps on my arms. I won’t focus right now on what she said happened, but I believed her. She is the real deal when it comes to level headed assessment of strange things.

I came to Jesus in a dream. Let me rephrase; Jesus came to me in a dream. We spoke without opening our mouths, and goodbye to those who have already made up their minds about me. We communicated by spirit. Jesus told me things about me that no one else knew. He predicted things to me that I eventually did. He knew me through and through. But this is not what I am writing about.

I have seen and experienced things that I could not explain. I have seen spiritual leaders (in my opinion) abuse spiritual powers and do things that should not be done. I have seen a trio of spiritual leaders rip spiritual gifts off of one person and throw them over onto another person. It was punishment for lack of complete, unequivocal, unquestioned obedience. I was one of those two people. It is difficult to explain what was done, but we (people in general and you and I in particular) are more than what our outer person exhibits. We are spirit beings. Some people have truly come to understand that they can do things with their thoughts and words that others scoff at. We are more than just flesh, bone, water, blood, emotions, hopes, and dreams. We are spirit beings. We can do more than we know. We can do things for good. We can do things for bad. It is our choice.

Between Day and Night. Kim Cline 2019

Viewing (the heart and the hallway)

As to viewing the space in the heart or the space down the hall

There was a dislocation of sorts; one of which caused a slight shift of sight

Colors were in the order of the phosphene effect to the one looking down the hall, out the window

Colors were in the order of a black and white gradient when looking into the space of the heart

The brightness of both—beautiful in luminous glory—yet different

Viewing a work of art requires the step back and sideways

Penetrates the thought patterns of the mind—the result is an internal delicacy

A delightful intrusion on an otherwise boring moment, thought, feeling

The imperfection in perception seeks to sway the mind to aspire

More towards the matters of a lovesick heart where the dislocation–the imperfection

 produces the most profound changes—the substance in the one viewing

And the one standing

Where you view and where you stand is the difference between matters of the heart

And matters of the mind

copyright Kim Cline 2018 excerpt from In the Fringe: viewing the review

A re-write

I believe that, at some point in time, everyone wishes they could push a rewind button and initiate a “do-over” in their life. Perhaps an outing with friends went badly: feelings were hurt, negative things were said, and the friendship splintered. Later in the day, while mulling over the events of the outing, you say out loud, ” I just wish that I could do the whole day over and undo the damage!” In our mind, we re-stage the moment that went unexpectedly. We choreograph new steps, new turns in the road, and new words to be shared. We re-write the script of that “event.”

Unfortunately, there is no rewind button to what has passed. However, each new day brings another opportunity to start again. I believe that it is coded into the human DNA to keep approaching the problem until we solve, and overcome the negative obstacle or hindrance that is keeping us from achieving a level of success. That success may be the repairing of a friendship or another opportunity to “fix” what went wrong with a presentation at work. A re-write that begins with a new day. I’ll take it!

A shift

Every thought is a seed in your life. It has the potential to create something amazing in your emotions, in your intellect, and in the sphere of your influence. If you doubt that, think about how a goal starts. It starts as a thought. Men went to the moon based on a thought(s), a goal(s), an action(s), and a lot of energy.

It may take emotional energy to reverse a course of dark and negative thinking – if that is what you desire.

For those who have struggled with self-hatred, shifting your negative thoughts into positive self thoughts will begin to produce a better emotional view of your importance and purpose. It requires a thought by thought shift from self destruction to self appreciation. You are worth it.