Moments of Life’s Possibilities

Time is Life. Author Rick Warren summed up the Time-is-Life concept as, “The greatest gift you can give anybody is your time. It is the most precious and desired gift because your time is your life.” I. A. Richards writes, “Consider an hour of any person’s life. It holds out innumerable possibilities.”

In theory, everyone on the planet on any given day has the same amount of “time.”  What we do with it gives us the choice to create memories, make money, achieve goals, attain position, attain power, share love, etc. Time is Life. Time is powerful. Time has an exchange. For example, some memorable moments in my life were moments I spent (exchange) playing or reading with my kids. Those were powerful moments and I spent them doing exactly what I wanted to do. I have been given the currency of time. Starting today, I have the power to exchange my time to accomplish something meaningful.  I choose to use it well and enjoy my life possibilities. KC 2018