Love confers value

A global fixation on love is apparent when you walk through a bookstore or browse online. Communicating love remains the highest order in the universal, poetic appeal.  Consequently, there exists a plethora of expressions on the subject of love in art, music, and literature.

Writing  “On the Nature of True Love” for Psycholology Today, Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D., explains, “The philosopher Irving Singer defines love as a creative and imaginative means of giving value that would not exist otherwise. Like an artist, lovers recreate another person.”  It’s an interesting thought that we recreate the person that our loving nature has landed upon.

As a Fine Arts Major, when I begin painting a new canvas, I confer love and time on that project. If the project does not go in the direction that I  originally wanted to take it,  I have to step back and scrutinize whether I still “like” it or not. As I make allowances for what is taking shape I almost always end up loving it again.  It’s kind of what we are supposed to do for ourselves and others around us: make allowances for the flaws and confer value through love.