Two Dreams

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Two nights in a row I had two  different dreams that were a little bit disconcerting. I don’t usually put a lot of significance on things of that nature, but when I look through the Old Testament (or any religion), they all place importance on dreams. As I read through successful biographies about writers, inventors, artists, and people who have overcome great challenges to achieve their huge goals – they all started with a dream.

Two dreams – two nights in a row…I’m not sure how to process those dreams except to lift them up in prayer. Both dreams have to do with immediate family and relationships. Our greatest adventure seems to be how to handle our family and our interactions with one another. When I look back and see the interference with family members that were already challenged by distance, it is discouraging. When I surmise that gossip is the chatter that surrounds the dinner table of those long-distance relationships, it is also discouraging. People tend to believe what they are fed, even if it is a gross caricature of a person’s true intentions or actions. If you watch some form of entertainment media and hit shows that are on the air today; gross caricatures and nasty gossip seem to be the winning formula that brings in the sponsors and industry awards. At times, that formula appears to move in that same combination within families.
Two dreams – two nights in a row. Neither dream was bad, but taken together they require quiet reflection. Perhaps the world would be a better place if we handled all our misunderstandings in that manner.