Get Away

“Control the heart’s bitterness. Nothing good comes of returning hatred for hatred.” ~ Schiller

Bitterness is a virus. It infects its carrier so thoroughly, it shows up even when the carrier believes that it is contained. It destroys confidence. It destroys peace and it destroys happiness.

Bitterness will eventually touch, and potentially destroy everything that has significance to its carrier. It is that pervasive.

Forgiveness, for a real or perceived wrong, is a huge step away from bitterness. It requires release. It requires strength and maturity.

Forgiveness does not always end in reconciliation and it does not always mean the person forgets what happened. Forgiveness helps to sanitize the heart and mind against bitterness.

It is a process and it can be lengthy, but it is better to pass around peace and well-being rather than spreading bitterness.