I am still here

Trees in front of mountains.

 Except for the time I spent living with another relative, I grew up in a household full of women who shared one bathroom. To say that there are drawbacks to that arrangement is understated. My sisters and I fought – a lot! Truthfully, it was only my middle sister and I that did the most fighting. We perfected the screaming match, and we should have won awards for some of the wrestling matches.

 During those times of intense interaction, I learned that women can be ferocious when they believe they are right about something. I learned that women can be analytical on immensely deep levels. Sometimes, the analytical levels are so deep that no one really knows what you are talking about,  except your sister.

 I learned how to express myself.  Yet, even with all that expression, I never felt that I was heard. That uncertainty pushed me to devise better ways to express myself. I grew up writing, sketching, and fighting. While it was not the best way to grow up, I am still here, and I am still learning to express myself.