The Beautiful Door

The beautiful door was right in front of you. It was indicative of opportunity and possibly destiny.  It would have/should have been so easy to walk up the steps and go in. At the time, what stopped you were the issues that obscured the obvious.  The preoccupation with problems at work, problems at home, and problems with health were crowding the forefront of your thinking. They were energy draining problems and they prevented you from thinking correctly about the door in front of you. You walked past it and years later you are still lamenting over the beautiful door that you didn’t go through.  

Stop condemning yourself over what you believe you missed out on. Another beautiful door may be just around the corner. It may be painted a little bit differently than the one you passed up but it will hold similar opportunities, ideas, and connections. Get rid of the worry. Focus on the life-giving beauty and opportunity that is waiting for you.