A crowded street in NYC. Photo by Kim Cline

“They were an aesthetic diversion to an otherwise shrinking viewscape that had left more than a few guests feeling extremely claustrophobic.” ~ Kim Cline.

We live in an age of diversion. When we are bored, we turn on a device and stream a movie. We watch the world from our smartphone. We handle life situations as if we are the stars of a reality television show, but we are not getting paid, and we do not have thousands of followers/fans on our social media sites (well, some of you have thousands of followers and some of you get paid).

We demand diversions and we have them at our fingertips. There is a question that is asked but rarely answered- “Is it bad to have diversions?” I don’t have an answer for that. I try to balance my life with “important” tasks followed by fun. After all, the weekend follows a crazy work week. But can we become obsessed with diversions? Probably! Definitely!!

Balance may be a key to handling diversion, but when there are endless movies and endless audio books, and you can have fast food delivered to your house so that you don’t have to turn on a stove – what is balance?  I guess the problem with diversions is what are we not seeing? What are we being diverted from?