The Water may be Treacherous

“The swinging lantern, hanging from a hook in the ceiling of her craft, cast the dramatic, shifting shadows on the floor and walls, which reminded her that the waters could be treacherous.”

  My friend, there is no guarantee that life will be smooth. But we are here, and life is to be lived, not just viewed. Grab a life vest, find a sturdy craft, contact loved ones as needed, then jump in and join life. Navigate wisely and enjoy the journey.

Look intensely

Beauty calms the soul.

Beauty lifts your thoughts to the place where peace resides.

Beauty offers protection from the mundane. And yet, beauty does not mean perfection, for there are flaws to beauty, adding to its depth.

Look intensely at every work of beauty, for beauty has a voice, and it will speak to you. Beauty surrounds us.