Look intensely

Beauty calms the soul.

Beauty lifts your thoughts to the place where peace resides.

Beauty offers protection from the mundane. And yet, beauty does not mean perfection, for there are flaws to beauty, adding to its depth.

Look intensely at every work of beauty, for beauty has a voice, and it will speak to you. Beauty surrounds us.

A re-write

I believe that, at some point in time, everyone wishes they could push a rewind button and initiate a “do-over” in their life. Perhaps an outing with friends went badly: feelings were hurt, negative things were said, and the friendship splintered. Later in the day, while mulling over the events of the outing, you say out loud, ” I just wish that I could do the whole day over and undo the damage!” In our mind, we re-stage the moment that went unexpectedly. We choreograph new steps, new turns in the road, and new words to be shared. We re-write the script of that “event.”

Unfortunately, there is no rewind button to what has passed. However, each new day brings another opportunity to start again. I believe it is coded into the human DNA to keep approaching the problem until we solve and overcome the obstacle or hindrance that is keeping us from achieving a level of success. That success may be the repairing of a friendship or another opportunity to “fix” what went wrong with a presentation at work. A re-write that begins with a new day. I’ll take it!