Life Changes

You shift from one plateau to another

What was once secure and sure

Moves to unsure and even less secure

Battles fought – lost and won

Leaving scars and all too often thoughts undone

Find the stabilizing center

Recognize and utilize the power that is available for you

Don’t beg for it

Never misuse or abuse

Walk in and appreciate what is there for you to use

When you are ready

That power will work and produce for you

Life Changes – musings by Kim Cline 2019


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If I could write a beautiful story – it would begin with your name.

If I could paint a magnificent masterpiece – it would reveal your beauty.

If I were able to climb the highest mountain – I would envision your joy as I reached the summit.

If I were able to move throughout all the known universe – it would not compare with the wonder of being in your presence and just talking with you.

If I could erase all the negative events of our past – I would remember each day as a beautiful sunrise.

If we could communicate freely – our corner of the world would become a museum of exploration.

If we could start again – I would use all my power to make sure that each day was a beautiful, new page in a novel of fantastic imagination.


Kim Cline 2019

For every mother who is missing a piece of her heart

A Peculiar Star by Kim Cline  

excerpt from Love’s Indefatigable Aptness and The Monatomic Solid

Dedicated to precious Mark … you left this universe far too soon

He was a peculiar star

Appearing in the midst of a different equation

His luminous spectra should have been as normal as the others

Yet, his increasing power of wonderment elevated and propelled him farther — higher

Moving outside the ordinary into the eruptive variable

Revealing a greater level of rarity

Brilliant flares projected his brightness to an incalculable distance

Dispelling darkness along his path- if only briefly

For the rare cannot remain long in the midst of the ordinary–

their beautiful displays of churning death revealed with a vibrant luminosity

The eventual implosion spiraling upward, outward –

fusing, blending, dispersing new life into the stellar remnant

He knew the distance of his travel would be brilliantly short

He did not complain in the knowing

I have seen him floating in the distant Magellanic Stream

And appearing at the side of the universal Power

The light echo of his persona still pulsates within our hearts

His brightness still piercing our thoughts –

Energy fading as a distant star after a magnificent, explosive show

We continue to remember as we degenerate, oscillate–

throughout the remaining timeline of our ordinary projection

Wear your Crown

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“Royalty is born!” The announcements were made and the crowds gathered to wait for the presentation. There was a high level of excitement in the atmosphere. Eventually, attendants began to show up on the platform, passing through heavy, velvet, crimson curtains. Everyone directed their attention to the curtains, expecting, hoping, smiling. The curtains parted and the leader of the country stepped out. With admiration, the speech began, “Citizens of the universe, today I have an announcement to make. This day is a day of recognition. Today, I am staring into the faces of royalty. Each and every one of you carries the DNA of all the wisdom of the passing ages. The day you were born, your name was shouted among the stars and you were declared royal. I am reaffirming that declaration. You are royal!” The crowd cheered, danced, and clapped. The elevation of energy was creating such an atmosphere that could be felt throughout the venue and beyond. “Wear your crown. Carry yourself as royalty. Know that you are valued, unique, and highly cherished.”