A re-write

I believe that, at some point in time, everyone wishes they could push a rewind button and initiate a “do-over” in their life. Perhaps an outing with friends went badly: feelings were hurt, negative things were said, and the friendship splintered. Later in the day, while mulling over the events of the outing, you say out loud, ” I just wish that I could do the whole day over and undo the damage!” In our mind, we re-stage the moment that went unexpectedly. We choreograph new steps, new turns in the road, and new words to be shared. We re-write the script of that “event.”

Unfortunately, there is no rewind button to what has passed. However, each new day brings another opportunity to start again. I believe it is coded into the human DNA to keep approaching the problem until we solve and overcome the obstacle or hindrance that is keeping us from achieving a level of success. That success may be the repairing of a friendship or another opportunity to “fix” what went wrong with a presentation at work. A re-write that begins with a new day. I’ll take it!

Wear your Crown

Photo by Alexey Makhinko on Pexels.com

“Royalty is born!” The announcements were made and the crowds gathered to wait for the presentation. There was a high level of excitement in the atmosphere. Eventually, attendants began to show up on the platform, passing through heavy, velvet, crimson curtains. Everyone directed their attention to the curtains, expecting, hoping, smiling. The curtains parted and the leader of the country stepped out. With admiration, the speech began, “Citizens of the universe, today I have an announcement to make. This day is a day of recognition. Today, I am staring into the faces of royalty. Each and every one of you carries the DNA of all the wisdom of the passing ages. The day you were born, your name was shouted among the stars and you were declared royal. I am reaffirming that declaration. You are royal!” The crowd cheered, danced, and clapped. The elevation of energy was creating such an atmosphere that could be felt throughout the venue and beyond. “Wear your crown. Carry yourself as royalty. Know that you are valued, unique, and highly cherished.”