Life Changes

You shift from one plateau to another

What was once secure and sure

Moves to unsure and even less secure

Battles fought – lost and won

Leaving scars and all too often thoughts undone

Find the stabilizing center

Recognize and utilize the power that is available for you

Don’t beg for it

Never misuse or abuse

Walk in and appreciate what is there for you to use

When you are ready

That power will work and produce for you

Life Changes – musings by Kim Cline 2019


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As I journeyed on my course of life –

I looked back to a littered path of broken pieces – hewn away from once cherished dreams.

What were to be the building blocks of an envisioned monument called “beautiful life” now lay strewn, slashed, bashed, and crumbled.

They were fragments from my entangled emotions and botched outlooks.

Decaying gold was all I saw along the road I traveled.

There were no sunny skies of realized passions – no beating, bright, hearts of splendor.


The view was heartbreaking, disconcerting, and unnerving.

I mused upon the forlorn, ashen, disenchanted view and wept.

Yet, in a flash,

A hopeful expectation arose, and my view was redirected.

Now, instead of crumbled debris there was a path that was clear – full of life and light.

I was pushed ahead, farther and faster down the path.

I was maneuvered so deftly away from the brokenness that its remains were nowhere in sight.

My view of the trail behind me and in front of me was clear.

The Light, Power, and Love had moved me away from the evident defeats.

~ Kim Cline 2018

Love’s Indefatigable Aptness

KIm Cline_Love's Indefatigable Aptness and The Monatomic Solid

I am releasing a short poetry booklet that I have been working on for several months. I did copyright the booklet, and all my poetry was sent to my sister for safekeeping – just because I love her.

I will say that what I am writing about is based upon experience. I have pondered many of the things that I have gone through while growing up, and have (to date) found that life is quirky. Like many damaged humans, I find ways to explain, categorize, address, and anesthetize those things that have caused the most pain.

For most of my life fear was a driver. I have observed that fear is very narrow minded (if fear has a mind). Fear tends to get people to focus on the thing that they cannot control. That narrow focus causes people ruled by fear to miss the bigger picture of situations they are facing. I believe that Love has the power to change the focus. Love sees the big picture in your life. Love is able to adapt to and provide the power that you need to overcome that narrow, controlling, fear based perspective.

As I get older, I have determined to be more artistic, expressive, loving, and forgiving. I have found that Love is a real power that is able to adjust to whatever you need. I would say that Love is adaptable.