Dark Rivalry

“They met with cold words, and yet colder looks: 
Each was changed in himself, and yet each thought 
The other only changed, himself the same. 
And coldness bred dislike, and rivalry..”  ~Letitia Elizabeth Landon   

“It’s so common in our family
But is there a limit to this endless bickering? 
Is there such thing as too much? 
Before it ends in such dreadful pain?” ~Chanel Jackson

“Love has its own dark morality when rivalry enters in.”  ~ Thomas Hardy

“All close friendships are marked with competition. Our earliest tests are against our siblings and playmates, and some of that rivalry endures amongst friends into adulthood. Like dogs play fighting, you learn not to bite hard.”   ~Christopher Bollen

“Some of my deepest jealousies came from a sense of unfair rivalry. I was not the teacher’s pet. I grew to dislike those more (seemingly) fortunate who sat at the front of the class, and who were always called upon to participate.”  ~Kim Cline

“Anger, resentment, jealousy, desire for revenge, lust, greed, antagonisms, and rivalries are the obvious signs that I have left home…” ~Henri J.M. Nouwen